Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pasta Perfection in Venice, and Hotel al Vagon

Molly has been enjoying the glass shops, while I've been enjoying the snack shops. It is a bit toasty here in Venice, and I think I have an instant farmer's tan.

55 Euros for Spaghetti and Lasagna for lunch?! Yes, but worth every tasty bite while relaxing next to the Grand Canal. And to be fair, there was birra!

We've been neutralizing those calories with a lot of walking and getting lost around Venice ("How did we end up on the wrong side of the Grand Canal?"). Though Gelato is probably un-neutralizing a few.

Hotel al Vagon has been a nice place to stay - a bar/cafe out front which was nice after a long trip, airconditioning, and it is only a few vaporetto stops from the train station.

We're off to Ravenna to see mosaics and churches tomorrow - the 3 hr train ride will give our feet a needed rest. Ravenna will be the quietest of our trip locations.

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