Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Greetings From Venice!

Buona Sera!

Brian and I arrived in Venice, Italy yesterday morning. What a long trip! We were both so wiped out and tired but made ourselves keep moving around until it seemed like a decent time to go to sleep... yeah, it was 5 pm!

Venice is gorgeous! The buildings are beautiful and colorful and full of personality. We have spent a few hours, here and there, sitting back and watching the gondolas drift by.

This may surprise some of you (Melissa and Jack!!!) but we got so completely LOST yesterday afternoon! We would have been back at the hotel and asleep by 3:30 pm, but we couldnt find the hotel! Eventually we did, but we were on the wrong side of the canal! But... I didnt break down or get cranky! Well, not too cranky, anyway!

We have many photos to share with you already, but will probably not post any until tomorrow night as there is no wi-fi in our area. We leave for Ravenna tomorrow morning. I will have plenty more to write about then!

We just want everyone to know that we are here, we are safe, we are happy! Talk to you soon!

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