Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Final Thoughts


I'm sorry I've taken so long to publish these last photos, but the jet lag has been unpleasant. And I've started up at school again, so time has been short!

I've posted these all today so that you wont have to go back to the beginning trying to find the new ones. These are just some of my favorite shots and things that I felt should have been added earlier but weren't, due to time.

So that's it! Our wonderful Italian honeymoon. I hope you all enjoyed reading along. We'll see you on the next trip!


Art in the Vatican


I liked the look of this Egyptian-looking cat at the Vatican Museum.

Leaving Florence

Yes, even Italy has delayed trains! Only 40 minutes here so it wasn't too bad. By the way, if anyone ever wants to hear a... funny... story about the subway in Rome, ask me next time we talk!

Fish lips

Ok, this is just silly, but what a shot! I got up close and personal with the fish in a fountain at the Boboli Gardens in Florence.

Boboli statue

Back in Florence you learned of my love of statues... here is another!

More detail

More mosaics

A ceiling in one of the 5 churches in Ravenna that we visited. Its one thing to paint a whole ceiling, but I can't imaging the time and concentration it took to mosaic an entire church!

Leaving Venice

Our view from the front steps of the train station in Venice. We took a water taxi from our hotel to the station. A very convenient way to travel!

San Marco

This beautiful basilica in the heart of Venice was built around 1063. The original was built in 832! Venice was influenced culturally by Byzantium... I sound like the guide book! This is the front of the Basilica di San Marco- there were mobs of people around the square but I tried to just show the beautiful architecture.

Another view from the square.

A romantic evening

While we never took a gondola ride, we did enjoy seeing them maneuver around each other all day long. This man was lucky to have very little traffic.

My Gladiator

Don't worry! There is a story here!

While at the Colosseum they had a big poster with a backdrop like these cobblestones and the shadow of a gladiator. I felt the need to recreate it here with Brian! Pretty creative!


Well, housekeeping missed our room today so I had to send Brian out on a special mission!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


We made it home late last night. Safe and sound. It feels so good to be back in the states! Back in Seattle! Back in our own apartment!

I do have a few more photos to post- and a story or two to share. But not yet. The jet lag must be dealt with first. It isn't pretty, I'll tell you that right now!

So stay tuned: I'll post a bit more in another day or so. Until then, thanks for joining us! Talk to you soon!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Buona Sera from Rome!

Well, Brian and I head for home tomorrow morning. We have many more photos to post, but will do that from Seattle. Time to eat dinner, pack and prepare for the crowds at Rome's airport!

This has been such a special trip and it has been so much fun to share it will you all! We'll talk to you soon- stateside!


Views from the Colosseum

The Romans sure knew how to build a masterpiece. This was one of my favorite parts of our trip- to be walking around in this huge building that was constructed almost 2000 years ago.

Pillars of the Earth

My latest obsession (since I saw very few statues today) are pillars. I found plenty in the Forum- crumbling ruins of the old Roman marketplace.

Trevi Fountain

This photo doesn't do the fountain justice, but it was just lovely. We then walked down an alleyway and had a nice quiet dinner in a small ristorante.

Very Mini Sports Car

I really enjoy all the little cars over here - Molly thinks I have a fetish.

I think this may be the smallest sports car I've ever seen. Looks like fun though.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Vatican Knockers

Straight to...

This sign was a little startling as we exited the Vatican down the spiral staircase. Was it a warning not to fall? Or was it a warning to sinners?

Most Honorable Mention

The Sistine Chapel...

What to say? Unfortunately cameras were not allowed. What an amazing piece of art! From what I remember, it took Michelangelo 4 years to complete it. I did purchase a book on the Chapel so I could learn more. I'll educate myself and then pass along my knowledge.

I had to have a print of the ceiling since we couldn't take any pictures. Some day I may even have it framed!

Needless to say, I could have spent hours just staring up at that ceiling!

*** I also forgot to mention Michelangelo's La Pieta in St. Peter's Basilica. It was so moving. I'll try to find a picture! ***

More Vatican floor mosaics

It was important to remember to look up as well as down- there was so much to take in from all directions.

Dress Code

Thankfully neither of us were wearing bathing suits to our Vatican visit.

From the Vatican

Ceiling and wall art: in the hall of maps.

Another statue!

One of the many gorgeous ceilings in the Vatican Museum.

Not yet one with the force...

Molly hasn't yet perfected the Zen art of photographing one's self without 3rd party intervention of nice passer-bys. Brian has much to teach about self-reliance without needing those other pesky tourists!

Part of Raphael's wall in the Vatican

This was a part of the works that Raphael did in the Pope's apartments between 1508 and 1524.

Molly in the morning...

This is what happens to me when I don't get enough beauty sleep!

Prehistoric Keens

At last! Undeniable proof that Keens were popular footwear, even in ancient Rome!

Vatican Art

The Vatican Museum was truly magnificent. The floors were works of art in themselves: when we weren't walking on marble floors, they were these gorgeous mosaics.

I married a genius!

Brian got us back on track! More fun and photos to follow!

In line for the Vatican Museum

We were in quite a line here, but it moved fairly quickly. In Florence the museums are smaller so they only let in a certain number of people at a time. Here, it is so big that they just keep moving people through.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Our day with the Pope

Hello again!

We were up early and off to the Vatican Museum and St. Peter's Basilica. Wow. The pictures that we do post will in no way do these places justice. It's very toasty here, but we had minimal time standing in lines in the sun. Look at that line!!! Off to the Colosseum tomorrow.

More to follow. Soon, I hope!

Arrived in Rome

We have arrived in Rome!

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to upload any photos in the last few days. Not sure what is going on. But check back, I'll get it eventually!

We're planning on visiting the Vatican tomorrow: I'll let you know if the Pope is gracious enough to bless our marriage!

From the Pitti Palace

This is the view of Florence that greeted us as we entered the Boboli Gardens- at the Pitti Palace. The Duomo is prominantly displayed.

And there's more! (More photos that we hope to someday show you!)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


(At some point we'll get a photo uploaded!)

The door to our hotel room at the Aprilé appears to be Chewbacca reincarnated! When it opens or closes we hear the distinctive sound of Chewie!

Now I find out

I learned this trip that Molly *loves* statues - photographing them, thinking of them, touching them. Now, even BEING one!

More from Boboli

As you can see...

this was an oasis...

It was very hard for me to walk out of here!

Self portrait

We have perfected the art of taking a picture of ourselves... Plus, we didn't want anyone to forget what we look like!

Ok, I admit it! I, Molly, have NOT perfected this art... Its all Brian! I was just trying to steal some of his thunder. The term *we* was used a little too freely by myself...

Florence hills

This is the view that greeted us at the top of the gardens- the lush countryside. There were several artists up here painting the landscape. It was so quiet and serene- no traffic, no crowds, no noise. A perfect little escape.

Obsession with statues

I was a bit out of control in the gardens as a new obsession crept in: I love these old Roman statues! I may have taken a few too many this day... But they are just beautiful!


Let this be a lesson to all of you who don't wear sun screen! Look how the Roman sun can ravage the tender skin!


In the Boboli gardens on a beautiful day in Florence. There weren't really any flowers- but plenty of trees, shrubs and statues!